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Axle Brace Installation Kits

Because of the thicker cast flange on aftermarket differential covers, these installation kits are needed to install the CHE Performance CHE9L 8.8 Axle Brace with an aftermarket differential cover.  The standard cover flange provided with the Axle Brace is notched to work with the LPW and TA covers, but the Ford finned cover requires a unique Cover Flange provided in the kit.

Our install kits include the necessary spacers to compensate for the thicker flange, installation hardware, and installation instructions.

We offer 3 different kits for the LPW Cover, the TA Performance Cover, and the Ford GT500 Finned Cover.  Please note that TA Performance makes the covers for many different retailers such as the ones listed below. Examples of these covers are shown below.

Differential Cover Illustrations

LPW Racing 8.8 Differential Cover

Use this install kit for all LPW Covers

Ford GT500 Finned Differential Cover

Use this cover for the Ford Finned cover. Also includes special  CHE Cover Flange unique to this differential cover

TA Performance Differential Cover

Use this install kit for the TA Performance, Ford Racing, Moser, Scott Drake, Mac, Summit Racing, and Trickflow Covers

UPR Products Differential Cover

Use this install kit for the  UPR Products 8.8 Rear End Stud Girdle