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Axle Brace Tech/FAQ

Why welding the tubes alone is not enough:
  • While properly welding the axle tubes to the center section provides an excellent solution to the problem of spinning the axle tubes in the center section, and is highly recommended when drag tires are used regardless of horsepower level, it does very little to prevent the axle tubes from flexing up and down as well as front to back.
  • The deflection in the axle tubes can be so severe under hard launches on the dragstrip that it will actually fracture the center section near the welds, destroying the rear axle and possibly ruining other areas of the drivetrain.
  • The CHE Mustang 8.8 Axle Brace will greatly reduce or totally eliminate this axle deflection, especially when used in conjunction with properly welded axle tubes.
  • The reduced axle deflection will improve launch and 60ft times because the rear tires will now have consistent traction without the undesirable changes in rear caster and camber that is imposed with axle deflection. 

Fitment with aftermarket panhard bars:

  • Because the panhard bar axle mount on most aftermarket panhard bars attaches to the same area on the control arm bracket as our axle brace, modification will be required if it is desired to run both pieces.
  • We recommend that the flange on our axle brace gets cut off and welded onto the panhard bar bracket where it mounts to the control arm bracket.