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Poly/Delrin Control Arm Bushings

All of our control arms feature our exclusive Polyurethane/Delrin bushings.

Best of both worlds
You get all of the performance advantages of polyurethane and Delrin without the annoying squeaks of solid polyurethane, or the risk of torque box damage of solid Delrin.

Low Maintenance
Our Poly/Delrin bushings virtually eliminate the need for greasing. No more hassle of squeezing a jack under your car or dealing with messy grease guns.

Low Friction
The Delrin Bearing is machined to a high tolerance allowing an ideal clearance between the crush sleeve and the Delrin Bearing. This provides nearly friction free movement without compromising stability.


Steel Crush Sleeve:
The crush sleeve not only maintains a fixed mounting point on the vehicle, but also acts as a smooth bearing race for the Delrin.

Delrin Bearing:
Delrin is an Acetyl Nylon material with low friction properties. The Delrin Bearing is designed to rotate around the crush sleeve providing smooth, low friction, squeak free operation.

Polyurethane Bushing:
The polyurethane bushing is designed to absorb shock and allows the axle to move through its complex range of motion without harsh binding or torque box damage. Because the poly bushings remain fixed without rotating, there are no annoying squeaks. We carefully select the proper hardness to provide maximum performance and prevent binding and damage.

Our Polyurethane bushings are engineered and manufactured specifically for our products ensuring optimal performance for any driving or racing style.