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Torque Limiter Fitment Verification

We have listed every longtube header fitment issue on the website that we are aware of, but there is always the possibility of new issues that arise as new header products are developed or if it is a combination that has not been used to date. To verify fitment of the torque limiters with your headers, follow the instructions listed below. Please note that unless you are purchasing longtube headers that have been brought to market within the last year there should be no issues other than those listed on our website.


  • 1. Raise and properly support the vehicle
  • 2. Place a 1" wide straight edge or ruler with it's outer edge centered on the inboard K-member Brace bolt hole as shown by the yellow lines on the photo above
  • 3. Center the other side of the straight edge on the appropriate bellhousing bolt located at approximately 4 and 8 O'Clock (4.0L V6 shown, all engines are typical of the photo)
  • 4. If the straight edge sufficiently clears the headers, the torque limiters should clear as well